• Production Site Movie 21/04/2016

    Experience 100% Swiss Quality


    Designed in the heart of Switzerland, all implants are produced in specialized manufacturing units for dental implants. Therefore benefiting from more than 25 years of medical technology production know-how - the only way to guarantee Swiss Precision with high quality. Visit us in Switzerland:
  • TBU Dental 15/03/2016

    TBU Dental

    Declaration of Announcement: We hereby inform that TBU Dental (Şehremini Mh. Ahmet Vefik Paşa Cd. Çağlayan Apt. No.3/2 Fındıkzade - İstanbul - +90 (212) 635 7877 - is the SOLE and ONLY DISTRIBUTOR of TRI® Dental Implants for the entire market of TURKEY. Any other parties offering products by TRI® Dental Implants Int. AG have no such right and are not being supported accordingly by TRI®.

    Duyuru Beyanı : Bu duyuru ile TBU Dental’in ( Sehremini Mh Ahmet Vefik Paşa Cd. Çağlayan Apt No:3/2 Findikzade –İstanbul- +90 212 6357877 – TRI® Dental İmplantların tüm Türkiye pazarındaki TEK ve YEGANE DİSTİRÜBÜTÖRÜ olduğunu beyan ederiz.Başka herhangi bir taraf TRI® Dental Implants Int. AG ürünleri için satış hakkına sahip değildir ve TRI® tarafından desteklenmemektedir.
  • TRI® World Tour 08/02/2016

    TRI® World Tour

    TRI® Dental Implants "goes global" and is proud to present the first World Tour with events around the globe. The scientific topic of the events is "Controversies in Esthetic Implant Dentistry" and reflects one of today’s main challenges in implant dentistry. The events will be organized in exclusive venues in cities form Paris to Mumbai. Newest product releases will be revealed and presented to all participants.

    Highlight of the Tour are going to be the Events in Barcelona on May, 6th and Istanbul on May, 7th. For further information click here.

    We are looking forward to meet you in Barcelona or Istanbul!

  • FDA 12/01/2016

    FDA Clearance for all TRI® Products

  • Happy New Year 2016! 08/01/2016

    Thank you for a great TRI 2015!


  • TRI Performance Day Dubai 2016 11/12/2015
  • TRI® Dental Implants: Study update 2015 08/12/2015

    TRI® Dental Implants: Study updates 2015!