• TRI Academy invites you.... 05/11/2015

    TRI Academy invites you to an online webinar!


  • +46% Eshetic Results with TRI Octa 23/09/2015

    Ground-breaking scientific results: +46% esthetic results with TRI® Octa


    Right in time for the EAO Stockholm 2015, the final and ground-breaking results from our study at the University of Zurich on the esthetic advantages of the TRI Octa Tissue Level Implant have been released. The results do not only substantiate, but even highlight the dramatic esthetic improvement of the PINK neck effect of the TRI Octa implant on surrounding soft tissue compared to conventional titanium tissue level implants. This is particularly highlighted in thin gingival tissues of 1mm where an improvement of more than 46% was testified! The Scientific white paper on these results has officially been released by the University of Zurich and is attached to this mail for your free distribution.


  • The "world new" rocket drill 07/06/2015

    Rocket Drill - only one drill to final implant


  • Company Interview with CEO & CTO 03/06/2015


  • TRI at the Europerio8 in London, Booth 52A 25/05/2015

    TRI at the Europerio8 in London!

  • Hands-on implant course with Prof. Dr. Dan Brener 18/05/2015

    Hands-on implant course with Prof. Dr. Dan Brener at the Brener Implant Institute

    Hands-on implant course with Prof. Dr. Dan Brener at the Brener Implant Institute in Sydney / Australia. BOOK your next implant course with TRI and implant expert Dan Bener now!

    Bii - Leader in Dental Implant Education and Prosthodontics Brener Implant Institute (Bii) Brener Implant Institute's training programs and course Bii -
  • Course at Steigmann Institute 2015 18/05/2015

    Course at Institute Steigmann, 09.-10. October 2015

    Participate in an exclusive Training with Dr. Marius Steigmann, founder and director of the Steigmann Institute. Within this course you will learn all aspects of dental implants with a main focus on soft tissue management and bone regeneration.
  • TRI expands to 35 markets! 09/04/2015

    TRI expands with 5 new markets to 35 markets!

    TRI Dental Implants continues its rapid international expansion by signing further significant partnership deals at the IDS Cologne 2015 with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Chec Republic and the Benelux. The expansion of the new TRI Dental Implant markets shows one more time that high swiss quality paired with cost-effective implant solutions are turning into an ever more attractive proposition for dentists world-wide.

    We welcome our new partners heartfully!

  • IDS 2015 06/03/2015

    5-year anniversary at IDS (March 10-14, 2015)

    At this years IDS, TRI will celebrate its 5th year anniversary with a firework on new products!

      -   TRI Octa Tissue Level Implant: with PINK neck for improved esthetics
      -   TRI Rocket Drill: the fastest drilling protocol in the world
      -   TRI Esthetic Contoured Line: Pink abutments for maximum esthetics
      -   TRI Esthetic Healing Abutment: for individualized temorisation
      -   TRI NEM Abutment: for non-gold castable abutments

    Visit us and benefit from unique promotions in hall 4.2, booth J039 and participate in our raffle draw for an iwatch by Apple!

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

  • Courses in Indonesia 24/02/2015

    5 Modules Implant Course

    In February, our Indonesian team starts a great and informative course agenda through the year 2015 with Drg. Jongki Hadi Wiwoho and Drg. Thian-Sioe Oei. Every lecture has its own topic- beginning with the Introduction to Implantology until Setting up your own Dental Studio.
    Learn more about the program, the dates and the content.
    We are looking forward seeing you in Indonesia!

  • TRI® BoneAdapt 23/01/2015

    +44% more Implant Surface Area

    Besides an optimized primary stability, the TRI® BoneAdapt implant design features a 44% increased implant surface area in comparison to cylindrical implants. In combination with the SLA Gold Standard surface, this guarantees a wider spread osseointegration process and therefore an enhanced biological secondary stabiloty. Combined, the improved primary and secondary stability lead to an optimized overall implant stability during the entire osseointegration process with the TRI® BoneAdapt implant design. Read more!

  • New partner for Spain and Portugal 07/01/2015

    Bienvenido TRI Iberia!

    With Smart Dental Quirugics SL, TRI could gain a partner for Spain and Portugal, which already has broad experience in these markets. Spain is the third largest market in Europe, so the new partnership for TRI has high relevance and offers substantial sales volume. From Barcelona, SDQ will introduce TRI under the leadership of Mr Xavier Reyes Trejo to the Spanish and Portuguese market and accelerate the commercialization. We look forward to our future cooperation!


  • 2014- The Year In Review 31/12/2014

    Thank You for an Amazing Year!

    We thank all participants for a successful and eventful 2014! Get some impressions from the last year of TRI:

  • Congress in Tehran 05/12/2014

    TRI in IRAN

    TRI wouldn't want to miss the "14th International Congress of Iranian Association of Prosthodontists" in Tehran. Not only our partner team led by Dr. Abbas Alizadeh and Dr. Ali Besharat was well represented at the Congress and were very vell educated to give expert advice to the interested visitors, but also Tobias Richter, CEO of TRI, and Sandro Venanzoni, CTO of TRI, were on site and gotgreat gain insight into the Iranian market. In addition to a successful presentation of Mr. Venanzoni, both had the opportunity to hold technical and counselling discussion with visitors ofthe exhibition and could so get to know the needs of the market even closer and more intense. We look forward to the next steps with our partners in Iran!

  • TRI represented at BALI 01/11/2014

    TRI under palm trees: Congress at BALI

    Beach and sun couldn't stop our partners Eldickson, Soeren and Belinda from holding an extremely successful Congress at Bali. The lecture of Dr Dan Brenner caught a multitude of interested listeners. It had already been the second appearance of TRI in the Indonesian market since the entry. Beside the "TOOTH-IN-A-BOX" concept the content was the launch of the new TRI Octa. Also in this market a major interest in the latest product in the TRI line emerges. We are very happy about the big steps we are going in this market!



  • Hands-On Course in the UK 01/11/2014

    TRI starts hands-on courses in the UK

    The first course in the UK at St Georges Hospital, London, that has been done in collaboration between surgeons and restorative collegues has been a great success. TRI provided the implant kits and dummy implants for the delegates to practice on and was represented by the country manager Ian and the head of Training and Eduaction Andreas from our German team. We are looking forward to more courses to come!


  • Exclusive Interview during the EAO 25/09/2014

    “The tissue-level implant has always been close to our heart”

    In an exclusive interview, Today International had the opportunity to speak with Chief Executive Officer Tobias Richter and Chief Technology Officer Sandro Venanzoni about the development and the reasons for launching of the novel TRI Octa Tissue Level Implant at the annual European Academy of Osseointegration (EAO) in Rome.
    Read more!

  • Launch TRI Octa 24/09/2014


    TRI® launches TRI®-Octa Implant Line and complements its TRI® Dental Implant System with a Tissue Level Implant. Due to evidence in a study with the university of Zurich (Prof Hämmerle - Ronald Jung - Daniel Thoma), the implant shoulder has been coloured in a pink-rose design. This enhances a perfect adaptation to the gingival tissue in the posterior or edentulous sites and optimizes the translucency especially in thin soft tissue types.
    Learn more about this novel concept HERE!

  • New Catalogs 17/09/2014

    TRI proudly presents: THE NEW CATALOGS

    We are glad to present to you our new system overview and product catalogue. Both catalogues have been revised and re-arranged significantly.
    As most important new elements we would like to mention:
    - incorporation of the novel TRI Octa Implant System and new esthtetic components
    - Emphasis on SWISS made
    - Integration of the TRI+ campaign
    ...and much more!

    Click here to download the new catalogs.

  • Business expansion: INDONESIA 14/09/2014

    TRI to conquer INDONESIA

    With Indonesia, TRI won a major partner in Asian market. The launch of TRI at the fair in Jakarta exceeded the expectations. With our local partner, Eldickson Ponto, and support from Australia, Soeren Iversen, we await a rapid growth in the new market with full confidence. We look forward to our future cooperation!

  • Even unto the other end of the world! 25/08/2014

    Lauch New Zealand

    TRI knows no distances: at NZ Dental Association Conference TRI kicked off for market entry at our partners with the furthest distance. With full enthusiasm and engagment our local partners Belinda and Matthew presented the TRI "Tooth-in-a-box" - model, which consistently received positive response. We look forward to a successful cooperation with New Zealand! 

  • SALAM TRI Salam 29/07/2014

    TRI on all channels

    The invitaion to Iran followed Tobias Richter with much pleasure and was received with an overwhelming hospitality. Not only on business level it ran successfully, even the television was very interested in the TRI Octa. With a reach of 5 million viewers you can claim justifiably the TRI has arrived in Iran. Big thnaks go to the hosts Dr. Abbas Alizadeh and Dr. Ali Besharat who have made this perfect start in the IRanina market possible.

  • Business Expansion: Iran 11/07/2014

    TRI with business partnership in Iran

    TRI Dental Implants continues its rapid international expansion by signing a significant partnership deal with Vanda Artmen Media, legal company of Royal Clinics in Iran. The owner and directors Dr Abbas Alizadeh and Dr Ali Besharat have a clear vision and strategy on the expansion and capture of the potential in the Iranian market to bring cost-effective implant solutions paired with high-quality swiss products to the market. This approach will bring significant benefits to the population of Iran, giving finally access to SWISS quality products, yet priced at an accessible level. Iran is one of the most important countries in the EMEA / Asia market space and TRI is proud to enter this partnership alongside the strong reputation of Dr Abbas Alizadeh and Dr Ali Besharat. 

  • Hands-on course in Hong Kong 06/07/2014

    TRI Hands-on Course with Prof Wang

    Great crowds took the Advanced Implatology course with Prof Hom-Lay Wang and TRI Dental Implants in Hong Kong in early July. With plenty of enthusiasm, expertise and great joy, Prof Wang and the instructor Andreas Koch launched the TRI® Dental Implant System to the interested dentists. Eagerly the implants were sampled on site and set to a pig's jaw fortwith.We appreciate the positive feedback and the expanding activities in Southeast Asia.


  • TRI Perfomance Day Munich 29/06/2014

    Feeling like being at the World Championship

    Successful event at the Allianz Arena

    Also the 4th TRI Perfomance Day 2014 was a great success. About 40 participants took the interesting lecture by Dr Steigmann's "7 Rules for Esthetic Results in Implantology" as occasion to have exciting professional discussions on the gingiva's structure, cutting and suturing techniques and the TRI® Dental Impalns System. A guided tour, that provided an insight into the deepness of the Allianz Arena, and the obligatory goal shooting with glorious shooters were the culmination of this exciting day.

  • More patients for your practice with Termin 24 15/05/2014

    More patients for your practice

    The high the number of implant patients is one of the biggest problem for the dental practices to grow and expand.

    As a solution for this problem we offer an innovative approach by our new cooperation between Termin 24 and TRI Dental Implants. The efficient booking software makes it easier to manage the number of implant patients. Through the use of Termine 24 significant benefits can be achieved for running the daily business in an efficient and smooth way. Higher visibility for your practice, more patients through the online bookings, more time for your core business and more time for the patient, and less appointment cancellation by the automatic appointment reminders. Keep the overview at all times!

  • Tri Performance Days Cologne 30/04/2014

    Top Performance at the Michael Schumacher cart center

    The TRI Performance Days in Cologne covered an exciting lecture with our guest speaker Dr.Steigman on the topic "The 7 Rules for aesthetic results in implant dentistry". In the lecture following issues were discussed: the topic of Gingiva structure, the thickness of the labial bone, and the precise cutting and suturing techniques in connection with the use of the TRI ® Dental Implant System. Subsequent to the presentation the participants enjoyed an intense race at the cart center, where the winner was awarded a trophy.  

  • Visit Switzerland 08/04/2014

    Experience 100% Swiss Quality of TRI® Dental Implants and invite your customers to a ‘Visit to Switzerland’. While your customers benet from an educational program enjoying the beauty of Switzerland, take the chance to deepen customer relations and increase your Sales. We support your customer-incentive with a swiss-style welcome dinner, hands-on-training and a high-quality lecture.
  • Distributionpartner in Australia 24/02/2014

    Greetings from ‚Down Under‘ with TRI in Australia!

    Worldwide distribution activities of TRI Dental Implants have increased in the last year by 144% and grows continuously in the first quarter of 2014: On February 20th, the official launch of TRI Dental Implants PTY, Australia took place with a remarkable performance at the ASP14 in Sydney. With the view on the worldfamous Australian Opera House the motivated Team was able to cash in the first Sales exceeding their own expectations. Despite the geographic challenge, due to the sparsely populated continent, TRI Dental Implants is counting on an enormous market potential, taking the strong local Sales Team into consideration.
  • 'All-on-TRI' - Superior Design and Simplicity 20/02/2014

    Product launch of the new “All-on-TRI” solution

    The “All-on-TRI” solution provides a fast and reliable restoration for fully edentulous patients with limited bone with only four implants and the innovative TRI angled screw-retained abutment (TV50-34-F), granting:
         - Immediate stability
         - Compatible components
         - Including TRI Friction and TRI Soft Tissue
         - Supported by TRI
    “All-on-TRI” perfectly represents the core values for which TRI strives every day and which serve as the principles in the development of our products:
         - 100% Swiss Quality
         - Innovation
         - Simplicity
         - Fair Price

    Maximum simplicity is achieved through compatibility with the existing restorative components! Producing and mounting this new masterpiece comes close to Swiss watch making precision and was only possible with the decades of fine tooling experience of our Swiss manufacturing partner.
  • TRI+ universal interface with leading technologies 17/10/2013

    ‘Plug & Play’ Implant Dentistry with TRI+

    In time for the 22nd congress of the European Association of Osseointegration in Dublin, Ireland, TRI Dental Implants launches its latest innovation: TRI+ a universal interface to ensure seamless compatibility with leading digital technology partners for implant treatments in digital dentistry. With the emergence of numerous suppliers and locked digital systems for guided surgery and CAD/CAM, the oversight to know which system might provide which advantages is constantly getting more difficult. To help create more transparency TRI+ has developed a universal interface to eliminate all barriers for their respective treatments. The digital compatibility of the TRI Dental Implants System therefore allows a wide range of indications via 3D Planning, Guided Surgery, CAD abutments, CAD/CAM screw-retained bars and bridges, CAD/CAM cement-retained crowns and bridges or modern treatments such as “All-on-TRI procedures” (full denture restorations on 4 implants). Linked with the lean dental implant system of TRI the ease and simplicity of implant dentistry is combined in an elegant and smart way from simple to complex without limits. Read more >>
  • New Member of the Board 15/10/2013

    TRI appoints former Geistlich CEO as a new member of the board

    Dr. Michael Peetz held several positions at Geistlich Biomaterials between 1990 and 2008, since 1998 as CEO. He was responsible for developing Geistlich Biomaterials becoming No. 1 globally in bone and tissue regeneration in the field of dentistry. From the end of 2008 - 2012 he was CEO of Camlog Biotechnologies in Basel, an international leader in implant dentistry with a worldwide distribution network. Dr. Peetz was also co-founder and director of the Osteology Foundation, Lucerne, a foundation, which deals with research and education in regenerative dentistry. Since 2012 he is President of Digital Dental Life AG, which licensed their WEB technology for training of dentists to the Dental Campus Association and other specialized dental associations.

  • Strong Sales Force 12/09/2013

    TRI doubles Sales Force in Germany

    TRI starts the last sales TRImester in Germany with an extended Sales Force. With regards to our aim to provide the customers with dedicated sales representatives all over the country, TRI has doubled its sales force in Germany. With our strong and experienced Sales staff we want to offer our customers the best available TRI Service - individually tailored to their needs. Our Team is looking forward to visit you personally and present to you the advantages of our Swiss-Made TRI Dental Implant System!
  • Business expansion: direct markets 02/09/2013

    TRI founds Direct GmbH and expands its direct end-customer business in Europe

    As one of the fastest developing implant manufacturers, TRI is entering the DACH-region via direct sales and its newly created TRI Direct GmbH. With the foundation of its new entity, TRI guarantees direct service with own sales teams for the new direct markets, as well as fast deliveries from its operations hub in Freiburg, Germany. Due to this milestone, TRI is now present in the most important Western European Markets.
  • Business expansion: Russia 06/08/2013

    Russia: TRI signs significant co-operation with leading Russian medtech distributor

    In cause of the current business expansion strategy, it was possible to establish a cooperation with the leading medtech distributor in Russia. The company has an extensive sales network throughout the country and is now ready to conquer the Russian implant market, while their core business until now has been focussed on hearing aids. With their expert knowledge of the related target group TRI is looking forward to penetrate another promising market.

  • Business Expansion 31/07/2013

    TRI enters South America

    After the successful registration of the TRI Dental Implants System in Columbia, TRI is now actively starting with Sales in South America. With this step TRI realizes further expansion accross the Atlantic, looking with great expectations into this new and promising market. Together with the young and active Sales Team the penetration will start in September.

  • New Head of Product Development 08/05/2013

    Sandro Venanzoni starts as Head of Research & Development

    As a new member of the TRI Team Sandro Venanzoni (Dipl. Ing. ETH) takes over responsibility for the fields Research & Development, Quality Management and International Registration. During the past 5 years he was working for Straumann with a growing responsibility in the division of Product & Technology. In his last position as Head of Product Management Sandro Venanzoni was in charge of the business division "Computer Guided Surgery", which is a trendsetting technology in terms of the increasing digitalization within the dental implant industry. Sandro Venanzoni holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering (ETH Zurich). His main objective to start working for TRI, is to take an active part in creating a successful future for a young and innovative Swiss quality producer in medical technology.

    We are very pleased about our common start!
  • business expansion 30/04/2013

    Kick-off for business partnership in China

    After thorough preparations for a market entry in China it was possible to confirm a partnership with National Medicine Prospect Dentech (NMPD), a daughter company of Sinopharm in China. A reputated company with a tight sales network in all Chinese provinces and experience of over 10 years in marketing dental products, incl dental implants. Following the contractual agreement TRI is aiming at a lean registration process for business establishment.

  • Osteology Symposium 2013 26/04/2013

    Meet us at Osteology Monaco (May 2-4, 2013)

    At the Osteology Monaco TRI Dental Implants will present this years product innovations: TRI CADCAM Solution, Novel Implant packaging and SBA Surface. We are looking forward to welcome you at our stand No. 53 to share with you our novelties.

  • Business expansion 27/03/2013

    Welcome Romania - Extending business in Eastern Europe

    TRI was able to further extend sales activities in Eastern Europe to Romania. With the strong and experienced business team and the demand of  Romanian customers at IDS TRI is expecting a successful market entry in Romania. The official launch of the TRI Dental Implant System will take place at the International SSER congress in Bucarest from May, 16th to 18th, 2013.

  • IDS Cologne 2013 06/03/2013

    TRI @ IDS (March 12-16, 2013)

    At this years IDS TRI will present once more its innovative Implant System developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The focus this year is based on the various novelties introduced at the beginning of the year:
      -   New Implant packaging with M- and B-line version
      -   SBA Surface
      -   TRI CADCAM Solution for customized prosthetics
      -   TRI®-Narrow Gold abutment
    All visitors at our booth in hall 4.2, booth N40 have the chance to test the TRI® Friction connection "Probably the strongest connection in the world" and enter our contest to win an Ipad.
    We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!
  • Product News 05/03/2013

    New: TRI®- Narrow Gold Abutment

    In addition to our TRI®-Vent Gold Abumtent, we now also offer the TRI®-Narrow Gold Abutment to complement our TRI®-Narrow line. With this innovation we increase the flexibility in the esthetic zone for long-lasting esthetic results. Visit our webshop and order your TRI®-Narrow Gold Abutment today!

  • Business Expansion 08/02/2013

    Algosaibi G.T.C. to launch TRI in Saudi Arabia

    The biggest dental congress in the Middle East in 2013 took place from February 05 – 07 in Dubai. In the course of many partner meetings, another milestone could be confirmed by agreeing on a long-term partnership with the former distributor for Straumann ALGOSAIBI in Saudi-Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the biggest and fast growing market for dental products in the region. Through the excellent contact in governmental and private health sector and 65 years trading experience, Algosaibi is ideally positioned to quickly take a leading position in the area of dental implants.

  • Product news: TRI CADCAM 30/01/2013

    TRI® CADCAM Solution with Titanium bonding base

    An innovative digital product solution is offered by TRI® in order to extend the prosthetic portfolio of the TRI®-Vent Dental Implant System. With the introduction of the new component line TRI® Dental Implants indentified the trend in modern dental surgery and is responding to the increasing demand of customized prosthetic. TRI® offers the Titanium bonding base with cuff height of 0,7 or 2,0mm including TRI® Friction and TRI® Soft Tissue Concept. The scanbody for laboratory and intraoral scanner is compatible with leading systems such as 3Shape, exocad and DentalWings.

  • Innovations 2013 29/01/2013

    Discover the NEXT GENERATION of the                      TRI® Dental Implant System

    With the IDS coming up in March TRI® Dental Implants starts the new year 2013 with a range of product innovations. The TRI® Pack is a novel implant packaging which is not only setting new design standards but also includes an optimized implant carrier, which improves the practioner routine in implant insertion. Once mor ethe Swiss manufacturer underlines his philosophy of innovation by introducing the TRI® SBA Surface (sand blasted, large grit, acid-etched) which is the gold standard in the industry. Alongside TRI® is now offering a second implant line. All implant sizes are now also available as M-line (with 0,5mm machined next) complementing the standard B-line (with 0,5mm blasted neck). Find our products update online in our Webshop!

  • TRI Roadshow 16/01/2013

    Introduction of TRI in the Netherlands

    Our ducht distributor organised a very successful event in Soestduinen near Utrecht, Netherlands. Over 40 participants followed the lecture "The Soft Tissue prospecitve in aesthetic implant placement and management of complications in the aesthetic zone", held by Dr. Steigmann. The lecture was followed by a vivid discours between all participating parties and led to a successful representation of the TRI implant system.


  • Business Expansion 14/01/2013

    Kick-off in HongKong with lecture Dr Steve Law

    On Sunday, Jan 13, 2013, TRI kicked-off their new representation in HongKong with a lecture from Founder & CEO Tobias Richter (TRI) and Dr. Steve Law. 40 participants attended this first presentation which turned out to be a highly interactive and successful event. The local distributor will be „FOREVER GREEN DENTAL“ that has already experience in this market with other dental products and therefore can benefit from a strong customer base for a fast penetration of the TRI products. A good base for a successful long-term co-operation!
  • Business Expansion 11/01/2013

    TRI goes Asia - Welcome TRI Taiwan!

    The year 2013 starts with the expansion of the TRI business to the Asian markets. The companies Airex Corporation and TRI Dental Implants have decided to join forces to create TRI Taiwan and start the business with immediate effect. Airex Corporation is a strong national distributor on innovative dental products, and brings a team of leading opinion leaders and market expertise in the sector to the common business.

  • Business Expansion 18/12/2012

    Magical Dubai (UAE) – TRI joins forces with Meliti General Trading LLC

    Dubai had its difficult times, but is now in an economic uprise. TRI Dental Implants has signed a contract with its local partner Meliti General Trading to build the business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The business has excellent contacts to local opinion leaders to facilitate a fast market penetration with education and service. We wish the local team all the best of luck and success!

  • Business Expansion 17/12/2012

    What crisis? TRI starts business in Greece

    Despite deep crisis in Greece, the young company ZOE STEFANIDAKI has joined forces with TRI Dental Implants Int. AG to start their Greek business as per the start of 2013. The company staff brings excessive experience from prior implant company venture and will guarantee high-level service to the local customers besides the value offering of TRI. We are proud to take this common step and bundle our energies to make this another success country.

  • Business Expansion 07/12/2012

    Serbia: Welcome on Board!

    Almost on time for St. Nicholaus' Day TRI welcomes the latest partner as distributor: Dental SM Beograd. Impressed by the positive attitude and fast progress TRI is looking forward to a successful start with its Dental Implant System in Serbia. 

  • Business Expansion 03/12/2012

    Further commitment in Morocco

    Expansion of TRI Dental Implants is developing further in the North of Africa. After a succesful partnership with Core Dental (distributor Egypt) it was now possible to establish partnership with 3max, based in Casablanc in order to enter the Maroccan implant market. 3max is a well-known distributor with longterm experience in the field of implant industrie. TRI is looking forward to a good and successful partnership!

  • Business Expansion 12/11/2012

    TRI goes Netherlands!

    In Memodent we found a reliable partner in Netherlands with extensive knowledge and experience of the dental implant industrie. The first TRI event in 2013 will be held in Soestduinen close to Utrecht in the Netherlands in cooperation with botiss biomaterials. Dr. Steigmann will be covering the following topic as key speaker "The Soft Tissue prospective in aesthetic implant placement and management of complications in the aesthetic zone".

  • Business Expansion 08/11/2012

    TRI Implants - now also available in Turkey!

    As business is growing steadily we were able to expand further internationally into the Turkish market. With over 15 years of experience we found a promosing and well-established partner in KENTDENTAL for distributing the TRI Dental Implant System in Turkey. KENTDENTAL is a well-known brand with a prestige image and one of the most important suppliers for the turkish dental industry. We are looking forward to the future cooperation and a prosperous partnership.

  • TRI as silver sponsor at the EAO 2012 09/10/2012

    TRI as silver sponsor at the EAO 2012

    At the 20th EAO convention 2012, TRI Dental Implants Int. AG showcases its innovative TRI®-Friction, SLA surface technology and novel implant packaging.

    TRI Dental Implants will showcase its latest innovations as silver sponsor at Europe’s biggest implantology congress EAO (European Association of Oral Implantology) in Kopenhagen (Denmark) from October 10-13, 2012.

    At the core of the showcase is the innovative TRI®-Friction implant abutment concept, that can be considered as on one of the strongest and best performing in the industry. The TRI®-Friction abutment features a one degree taper from the coronal to the apical portion of the outer hex, creating a frictional connection between the implant and abutment. This innovative technology eliminates micro movements and screw-loosening.

    Further to this, TRI expands its portfolio with a new surface technology that is based on a sandblasted, large-grit, acid-etched surface procedure, which has been established as gold standard for osseointegration in the industry by the leading implant company, and hence expands the acceptance of wide user groups worldwide.

    For the first time, TRI will present its TRI®-Pack as a novel solution for implant packaging which will be introduced into the market by the end of this year. The new TRI®-Pack guarantees improved handling, better visuality of the implant and storage capabilities.
  • Press Release 2012/10/10 08/10/2012

    TRI welcomes Dr. Valentin Chapero as a new shareholder and board member

    Young and fast-growing Swiss dental implant producer TRI Dental Implants Int. AG welcomes as a new shareholder and board member Dr. Valentin Chapero Rueda, formerly CEO of Sonova (Phonak).
    From 2002-2011, Valentin Chapero turned Sonova (annual turnover of 1.6bn CHF) into the world market leader in hearing aids. Since his departure from Sonova in 2011, Chapero's investment company Valamero AG is supporting young, fast-growing start-up's. Definite parallels between the hearing aid and dental implant markets kindled Chapero's interest in TRI Dental Implants Int. AG.

  • publication 20/09/2012

    New print campaign: TRI-Friction

  • Interview inside "Dentale Implantologie" 18/07/2012

    The „Apple“ of the implant market

    According to this headline the magazin for dental implantology covered a full-length interview in its edition of June 4th, 2012 with TRI Dental Implants CEO Tobias Richter.
    What do these three letters stand for, what similarities are there to Apple and what can the dental market expect from TRI Dental Implants? Find insightful answers to these and other questions in the following interview.

  • Visit the production! 26/06/2012

    Experience the production on-site!

    TRI® Dental Implants is a high-quality supplier in the field of modern implantology and sets high value in manufacturing its products in Switzerland - the only way to guarantee high-quality standards with swiss precision.

    We are looking forward to your visit at the production site - Please contact us in case of interest!

     Sally port
     Quality Control
     Sterile Packaging

  • Congress 2012 10/06/2012

    TRI Dental Implants at Europerio 7 in Vienna

    Over 7000 Visitors, a wide range of  informative lectures and last but not least the launch of the new TRI® Narrow Implant System - those were the highlights of Europerio 7. Quite a lot interesting talks were held at the booth of TRI Dental Implants, that in the follow-up turned out to be valuable International Leads, to build up further worldwide partnerships in distribution. Evidence, that the innovative swiss Company made its way into becoming one of the leading European Implants Suppliers.

  • International Distribution Centre 02/04/2012

    Opening of new International Distribution Centre

    As of April 2nd 2012, TRI will open its new international distribution and service center in Freiburg, Germany. Opening this state-of-the-art facility is another important step taken by the Swiss Newcomer to the implant industry to meet the requirements for an optimized service towards customers and distributors within an international expansion strategy via a lean and efficient organizational structure.

    The new infrastructure not only allows a highly efficient logistic management that guarantees low shipping charges (guaranteed direct delivery next day), shorter delivery times (delivery starting from 8.00am next day) and later order placement times (order placement until 3pm) for customers.

    Moreover it serves as a base to set-up an international Customer Service Center. Trained and experienced dental technicians will consult from Freiburg both customers and partners on their individual product requests.
  • TRI Performance Days 2012: Register now! 16/03/2012
    TRI Performance Days 2012: Register now!

    This year we will continue with our successfull Roadshow TRI Performance Days throughout Germany with an even bigger pool of relevant speakers. Meet Dr. Marius Steigmann, Dr. Olaf Daum, Dr. Johannes Walter, dental technician Andreas Koch and Dr. Wolf Ullrich Mehmke, when presenting the newest scientific findings of modern implantology. Earn 2 points for advanced training by attending one of our events throughout Germany!

  • Expanding internationally 03/02/2012

    TRI Dental Implants expanding into Middle East

    TRI Dental Implants participated at the AEEDC Conference 2012 in Dubai from January 31st to February 2nd 2012. AEEDC Dubai is the pioneering and largest Dental Exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa region with over 10'000 visitors. TRI Dental Implants was able to expand its activities in partnership with regional distributors and will be represented from now on by associates in the following countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq. With this step into emerging markets TRI Dental Implants will be able to strengthen its position also outside Europe.
  • TRI Performance Days in Reggio Emilia (Italy) 15/11/2011

    TRI Performance Days goes to Italy, 26.11.2011

     With more than 130 registrations for the first TRI Performance Days Italy, TRI Dental Implants is heading for a phenomenal success in its first event in Italy - only 2 months after the start of operations. The exclusive event will feature one day of lectures by leading dental professionals from Italy, such as Dr. Spinato, Dr. Scaringi, Dr. Righi, Dr. Magliano, Dr. Rebaudi, Dr. Marius Steigmann. Besides the scientific forum, the event will also feature the TRI Dental Implant portfolio which will highlight the performance aspects of today's implantology.

    Register today to be part of this new innovative philosophy - the event will take place in Reggio Emilia in Italy . For more information, please review the event flyer or contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • TRI participates as SILVER SPONSOR at EAO 2011 22/09/2011

    Meet us at the EAO in Athens 2011!

    TRI Dental Implants takes the next step in its international expansion by participating at Europe's biggest implantology meeting, the EAO (European Association of Oral Implantology) from October 13 - 15, 2011 in Athens, Greece. TRI will present its new TRI soft tissue concept as silver sponsor at booth S88. Please visit us during the congress at our booth or contact us to schedule an appointment during the trade fair.
  • New Product: Esthetic Healing Collar 25/07/2011

    Optimized Soft Tissue Management with new Esthetic Healing Collar

    TRI® Dental Implants, a young and innovative Swiss hogh quality provider of dental implants, launches the new, patented gingiva former type "Esthetic Healing Collar", taking the next step in sustainable improvement of Soft Tissue Management in dental implantology. Read more.

  • TRI partners with Biomain for custom prosthetics 15/07/2011

    Individual, implant-based prosthetics in cooperation with Biomain®

    Realize even better results for your patients; place an order with TRI® Dental Implants for customized CAD-CAM prosthetics components, produced by our Partner Biomain®, an experienced, high quality manufacturer from Sweden. Read more.

  • New Employee: Andreas Koch 01/07/2011

    Andreas Koch new Head of Training and Education

    Since July 1st 2011, Mr. Andreas Koch supports the TRI® Dental Implants Team as Head of Training and Education with long years of experience and technical expertise. As Head of Training and Education, Mr. Koch with his department will inform TRI® Dental Implants‘ clients, employees and partners in training courses, on trade fairs and congresses about the medical and technical aspects of our products and will offers technical advice. Read more.

  • Expert-Interview: Dr. Marius Steigmann 01/06/2011

    Exclusive Interview: "Three factors of success"

    At IDS Cologne 2011, TRI Dental Implants presented its innovative TRI Performance Concept, developed in cooperation with leading clinicians including Dr Marius Steigmann. Marianne Steinbeck, EDI Journal project manager, had the opportunity to discuss the new concept with Dr Steigmann. Read more.
  • TRI takes on ecological responsibility 24/05/2011

    TRI® ships products climate neutral

    Besides offering high quality standard products, TRI® dental implants now takes on ecological responsibility. Therefore TRI® has taken the initiative to conduct their product shipment climate neutral. This alliance is in corporation with the well known German sustainability agency KlimaINVEST Green Concepts. Read more.
  • Update Implantologie Heidelberg 2011 09/05/2011

    "Update Implantologie" 2011, Heidelberg

      TRI Dental Implants, a Swiss-based emerging leader in modern implant dentistry, will present its innovative TRI Performance Concept in Heidelberg, Germany during the Update Implantologie 2011. Please visit us at our booth or contact us to schedule an appointment during the trade fair.
  • Osteology 2011 13/04/2011

    Meet us at the Osteology 2011, Cannes (Booth 41)

    TRI Dental Implants, a Swiss-based emerging leader in modern implant dentistry, will present its innovative TRI Performance Concept in Cannes, France during the Osteology 2011. Please visit us at Booth 41 or contact us to schedule an appointment during the trade fair.
  • IDS Cologne 2011 17/03/2011

    Visit us at the IDS, Hall 11.1 G011

    TRI Dental Implants, a Swiss-based emerging leader in modern implant dentistry, launches its global business at the IDS Cologne, 22.03.-26.03.2011. TRI Dental Implants will present its innovative TRI Performance Concept within its TRI-Vent implant line that is a further evolution of the Zimmer Dental Screw-Vent implant concept. Please visit us in Hall 11.1 G011 or contact us to schedule an appointment during the trade fair.

  • TRI Performance Days 2011 14/03/2011

    Sign up for the TRI Performance Days 2011!

    Meet us and learn about the innovative TRI® Performance Concept developed by lead clinicians around the world in
    order to increase your performance in daily implantology. In these seminars, a detailed presentation will be given on our
    product philosophy aswell as technical presentations by Dr. Marius Steigmann and Dr. Achim Sieper on hard and
    soft tissue management.Click here for more info. 

  • New product line: "TRI-Vent" release 13/02/2011

    TRI-Vent implant line release

    TRI Dental Implants launches the extended TRI-Vent implant line concept. This TRI-Vent implant line has been designed based on the principles of the TRI Performance Concept. Lead by scientific advisor Dr. Marius Steigmann, the implant line is a further evolution of the existing Zimmer Dental implant line Screw-Vent. Accordingly, all instruments and prsothetics are compatible to Zimmer Dental, all despite a significantly lower price-point. Learn more about the TRI-Vent implant line concept, by clicking here.


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