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COVID-19: Unrestricted Business Operations at TRI®

On behalf of the entire TRI® Dental Implants Team, we would like to address the current situation surrounding COVID-19 and send our positive thoughts to all of you.

As an international company, we are closely monitoring the situation and following the guidelines from WHO, government regulations and suggestions country by country to ensure that we continue to have your best interest in mind.

We have taken appropriate precautions to ensure our business operations without restrictions and measures at all sites to contain the spread of the virus and protect human health. 

Our employees are fully capable of acting in the mobile office and the delivery of TRI® products will take place as usual.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

100% Swiss Quality

TRI® Dental Implants is a fast growing global provider for digital implant solutions. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, TRI® Dental Implants provides high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use implant solutions for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Elimination of the abutment
The World's First Digital Implant

The matrix® is the first-ever dental implant connection that has been specifically designed for the new digital manufacturing technologies such as CAD/CAM milling or 3D printing. This unique implant concept allows to plan the restoration directly on the implant without the use of the abutment.

TRI® 3D-Touch Impression
Open-Tray Impression Taking Reinvented.

The new TRI® 3D-Touch Impression combines simplicity with unique product features. It can be used as a conventional open-tray impression post as well as high precision titanium scan body, unified in one single product. The patented instrument-free handling technology helps to save time and provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. A versatile, time-saving and unparalleled impression taking experience. 

Angled Screw Driver
Unique Benefits.

The angled screw driver can be used in combination with the entire portfolio of TRI®-Bases for single and multi-unit restorations. Angled screw channels are beneficial for the esthetic result for screw-retained anterior restorations.

TRI® Prosthetic Kit

TRI® presents a new version of its prosthetic kit that contains all the instrumentation for the restoring dentist to handle healing components and to place provisional and final restorations. The new prosthetic kit features the same grommet-less technology like the TRI® Surgical Kit, validated for automated cleaning in washer-disinfection machines.

Tissue-level implant with pink tulip.

Tissue-level implant with pink 1.8mm tulip for evidently improved translucency values. This innovation also guarantees the highest esthetic results in the posterior region.