Service Center

You are our customer whom we would like to serve with five key promises:

1.  Lifetime Warranty

TRI Dental Implants is committed to providing you high-quality products based on our latest insights in the current research. Additionally it is in our understanding to support our clients as a partner in case of implant loss. Accordingly, we will support you with a lifetime warranty on the implant - no matter where your patient will go.

  • Lifetime warranty for Implants: For implants, we provide you with a lifetime warranty once implant osseointegration has taken place. The warranty exclusively extends to the fact that osseointegration has taken place. The warranty does not include exchange of products that have been incidently opened or fallen on the floor. As we believe that the loss of an implant is always a shared responsibility, we charge an exchange fee of 25 Euro per implant within this warranty.
  • Limited warranty for prosthetics and instruments:

    For all prosthetic components and instruments, we can not provide a lifetime warranty as often handling matters are due for failures of such components. We therefore will always assess case-by-case whether a product should be replaced. Should our analysis show that the product design had failures, we will replace the respective component.

    To claim this warranty we would ask you to fill in the attached form.

2.  1000 Days Product Return

  • We guarantee the exchange of any unopened product within 1000 days after purchase, as long as the expiring date exceeds two years.
  • Please send back to:  TRI Dental Implants Direct GmbH
    Merzhauserstrasse 183
    79100 Freiburg

3.  24 Hours Express Delivery

  • We guarantee a 24 hours express delivery in addition to our standard shipping option, wherever you are.

4.  Free Expert Infoline: 00800 3313 3313

  • We provide you with our personal dedicated phone support by our experienced dental technician experts for any technical question.
  • Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm CET
  • Friday: 8am - 5pm CET

5.  Shop Online:

  • We guarantee 24 hours ordering options via our advanced webshop option with direct credit card payments for AirMiles collection (clients need to have a  credit card with mile earning availability). Lower prices than any other premium price competitor

Please contact our customer service team at any time.

International tollfree Infoline: 00800 3313 3313

Our opening times of our customer service center are:

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm (CET)

Friday: 8am - 5pm (CET) 

Alternatively, sent us an email with your question and we will respond immediately:

We try to service you at our best capabilities! Please send us your feedback regarding your satisfaction any time.