TRI® World Tour 2016

TRI® Dental Implants "goes global" and is proud to present the first World Tour with events and participation at the main congresses around the globe. The scientific topic of the events is "Controversies in Esthetic Implant Dentistry" and reflects one of today’s main challenges in implant dentistry. Newest product releases will be revealed and presented to all participants and visitors. Highlight of the Tour are going to be the Events in Barcelona on May, 6th and Istanbul on May, 7th.

Date Event Location Register
08.-10.04.2016 TRI® World Tour Singapore IDEM- Swiss Pavilion, Stand 4M-10 done
17.04.2017 TRI® World Tour Jakarta Jakarta done
21.-23.04.2016 TRI® World Tour Monaco International Symposium Osteology, Stand 59 done
27.04.2016 TRI® World Tour Amman Amman done
06.05.2016 TRI® World Tour Barcelona Barcelona done
07.05.2016 TRI® World Tour Istanbul Istanbul done
12.-14.05.2016 TRI® World Tour Bucharest 13th International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry done
09.-11.06.2016 TRI® World Tour Berne Dental 2016, Berne done
30.06.-03.07.2016 TRI® World Tour HongKong Master Course Dr. Hom-Lay Wang, Eaton Hotel done
27.-28.08.2016 TRI® World Tour Malaysia Master Course Dr. Hom-Lay Wang, Malaysia done
01.09.2016 TRI® World Tour Sydney Guided surgery evening, Hotel Novotel, Darling Harbour
16.09.2016 TRI® World Tour Bucharest Course Dr. A. Ionescu, Bucharest done
23.-25.09.2016 TRI® World Tour Mumbai Indian society of Oral Implantologist, Mumbai done
29.09.-01.10.2016 TRI® World Tour Paris EAO, Paris done
13.-15.10.2016 TRI® World Tour Beirut BIDM, Beirut done
25.-26.11.2016 TRI® World Tour Hamburg Implant Expo / DGI Hamburg done

We are looking forward to meet you!

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