Clinical Performance Study

Within a 1-year market surveillance review, almost 5'000 implants have been placed to evaluate the performance of the implant design and features. The success of this market test is testified in tremendously low failure rates, currently ranging at 0.8% (survival rate: 99.2%). To substantiate these indicative positive implant performance results, a global clinical performance study has been designed which is going to be initiated in April 2011.

The format of the study will be:

- A total of 20 leading clinicians from Europe will join a multi-center study
- Products per clinician: 5 x TRI-Vent TV37B11 will be provided to each clinician
- Participants are members of TRI Peers
- Clinicial case material will have to be shared with TRI Dental Implants for publication use
- Each implant needs to be monitored and handed in to evaluate success/ survival rate

The study protocol is currently being completed. Results are expected to be received by end of 2011.