Pre-Clinical Studies

Pre-Clinical Studies serve to evaluate the performance of dental products in the cell or animal environment.

A) Two general studies are currently being evaluated in relation with the Prof. Dr. Paolo Trisi (DDS, PhD) from the university of Chieti in Italy.

1. In vitro cell test analysis of different titanium surface treatment disks plus SEM analysis.

2. In vitro analysis of primary stability by measuring insertion torque and micromotion at implant seating.

B) A study on "Stress distribution around TRI-Vent dental implants" was conducted in the University of Budapest.

Abstract: "The biomechanical behaviour of a dental implant plays an important role in its functional longevity inside the bone. Occlusal forces affect the bone surrounding an oral implant. To avoid fracture and bone resorption – by achieving the most even stress distribution in the bone – those implants should be used which transfer occlusal forces to the bone within physiologic limits and have a geometry capable of enhancing bone formation. The application of computer simulations is an indispensable method for estimating the mechanical behaviour of the bone surrounding dental implants, because it is non-destructive. The importance of these numerical experiments is in making the implantation the most secure possible, reliable and efficient, and the lifetime of the implant the longest conceivable, by finding the most favourable formation.

From the simulation results in this study, it can be concluded that the magnitude of the maximum stresses in the bone is the lowest, the stresses are the most evenly distributed and the heavily loaded area is the least extended, when a micro-grooved implant is fastened, levelling the cortical bone surface."

To learn more, please click on the following link: Stress distribution around TRI-Vent dental implants